Financial Accelerators

The new architecture is an enabler to speed up processes. To provide new functionality, SAP HANA needs to store table definitions and table content. This is mainly created and replicated real-time via the SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT) tool. Access to data in SAP HANA is instantly available for relevant decision. This will enable organizations to

  • do more at the same time
  • dig deeper when you need to with real time access to line item detail
  • gain insight from reports with previously prohibitive runtimes

Especially during the period end closing, improved productivity through fast access to financial reports and acceleration of e.g. costing runs are a big benefit. The accelerators have been built with the idea to be as non-disruptive as possible. A HANA customizing menu can be accessed centrally via transaction HDBC.

As part of the configuration and business process scenarios, the system administrator can select the HANA-based functionality. This has no visible effect for the business user. The SAP ERP transaction or report looks the same, but now has the capability to distinguish between a data selection from the ERP database or, if listed in the configuration, from the HANA database.

The first wave of financial accelerators touches certain areas where additional speed can be realized with low effort and disruption of the existing environment. These can be grouped into four different areas

1. Financial Accounting Accelerator
2. Controlling Accelerator
3. Material Ledger Accelerator
4. Production Cost Analysis Accelerator


An example for the financial accounting accelerator is the new general ledger. 

Quality and response times for G/L data inquiries are time critical during the closing process, especially when it comes to millions of line items. Together with SAP HANA, a new functionality like the new G/L Account Line Item Browser is delivered. Reliable line item information is now possible at your fingertips. Millions of records can be selected in sub-seconds and provide better decision support for e.g. closing activities. Think of the Goods Received / Invoice Received account with a focus on Profit Center (PCA) postings. With SAP HANA in place, just execute the new transaction FAGLL03H with selection options for Company Code and G/L Account (GR/IR Account)