SAP S/4HANA is a new product. It is based around the core ECC solution. There are a number of differences, however:

  • The data has been ‘simplified’. This is achieved by replacing the core tables within certain processes into a single table.
  • New functionality has been released, however some traditional functionality is no longer available due to the ‘principle of one’.
  • Embedded reporting has been released with over 3000 CDS views currently available. SAP BW and SAP BPC can be embedded within the S/4HANA environment. It is worth noting that S/4HANA will not replace BW or BPC but it enables certain scenarios to be performed within the new product – not all, however.

The route to S/4HANA is achieved either by a system conversion from an ECC solution (including Suite on HANA), or a new install. There is no upgrade path from ECC6 to S/4HANA. A system conversion needs to take place with the reason being to enable the new simplified data model. You need to be conscious of what functionality you have lost from your existing system as part of the move to S4/HANA in order to then replace it.