SAP HANA Modeling

One key element to the successful management of a company consists of a solid business intelligence (BI) solution and highly available business applications. The evolution of new technologies constantly challenges IT management to balance the need for innovation with the demand for consistent and accurately working system processes. One of these new technologies enabled by the decreasing cost of main memory is the inmemory database.

In-memory databases not only result in performance improvements for reporting, but also impact the holistic BI strategy. Introducing in-memory databases to the IT landscape offers completely new possibilities to IT and end users and requires a rethinking of existing principles and processes. A further aspect to be taken into consideration for the business is that getting the right information at the right time to the right decision makers becomes increasingly important. Today especially, decisions have to be made in near real time and based on a massive amount of data.

SAP is positioning its in-memory database product SAP HANA to fulfill the requirement of real-time reporting and enable new business opportunities. This product represents the foundation for many SAP products and the basis for high-performing data processing and reporting.