Business Innovation and Transformation with SAP HANA – Example Unilever

The first wave of financial accelerators touches certain areas where additional speed can be realized with low effort and disruption of the existing environment. These can be grouped into four different areas

►  1. Financial Accounting Accelerator

►  2. Controlling Accelerator

►  3. Material Ledger Accelerator

►  4. Production Cost Analysis Accelerator

To provide this new functionality, SAP HANA needs to store table definitions and table content. It must be created und replicated real-time via the SAP Landscape Transformation tool (SLT).

From a technical and business perspective, the goods receipt/invoice receipt account fulfills all prerequisites that make use of the new SAP HANA architecture appear beneficial. In the SAP system, goods movements and invoice transactions are documented as line items, and at the end of a period, a large volume of data has to be reconciled. Goods delivered and not paid for and goods paid for but not yet delivered must be disclosed separately in the financial statements.