SAP HANA overview


In-memory technology promises the extremely fast analysis and aggregation of huge amounts of data. It removes the limits known from traditional databases. The performance effect is a combination of different factors:


  • All data is held in the main memory of the server instead of hard disk
  • Transaction data is organized by columns and not by rows
  • The software has been optimized to take advantage of modern hardware architectures and heavily uses parallel processing


While none of the above is entirely new, this technology has now reached the moment to pass from academic research into large- scale enterprise usage. SAP HANA can be used to

  • Optimize Business Warehouse Reporting
  • Existing applications like SAP ERP Financials
  • Or build completly new applications


Ulrich Schlüter & Jörg Siebert
E-Book, published in 2012, approx. 60 pages. Available on amazoniTunes and Kobo.