SAP HANA and will be the next generation core of SAP applications, e.g. like S/4 HANA Finance (Simple Finance). Relational databases have been around for more than 25 years. They are the backbone of companies to manage business data. Now it is time for a change.Huge progress was made in the recent years, e.g. in terms of multicore processor and gigantic main memory capacity. Jim Gray from Microsoft predicted in 2006 that “today’s disc is yesterday’s tape”. This is happening now. Business data can be processed enormously faster and there is a revolution coming from the application side..

Speed has been a major concern for users in the financial departments for years now, with ever increasing pressure to accelerate period end closing and to provide more detailed insight. In-memory technology can address these issues and take financial applications to a completely new level.  For instance, in the lab in Walldorf it was possible to reduce a dunning run from 30 minutes down to one second. With such a performance you can execute the application on the mobile phone and instantly get results back about the top overdue customers. With this book we would like to provide background information about HANA and give real life examples of how the technology can be used for a business impact..

About 4 Years later, Larry Ellison Introduces Oracle Database In-Memory

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